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Over the course of the game, the Base Camp grows from a measly Survival Tent and Bonfire to a full time Goliath Workshop and Trading Post.


 A simple Bonfire, used to burn things. Can cook Mushrooms, or burn Twigs and Logs into Coal.



 Three Chests in a row. Each one contains three to five items, but their value is in being a storage system.

Goliath Construct

 The Main Attraction. This is where all the Goliaths are built, repaired, and deconstructed.

Goliath Garage

 Up to 3 Stone Pedestals can be built, each one able to hold a Goliath. 


 Opens up the 'Alchemy' tab when crafting. This allows for the creation of Poisons, Bars, and Mines. Bars of various metals are needed to create the various higher-end Goliaths, Poisons oddly provide boosts to the active Goliath, and Mines allow for the building of the humble Mortar Bomb, and various Mines based off of it.


 Allows for access to different Shards. Each upgrade to the Teleporter allows for access to different areas.

Weapon Station

 Weaponize your Goliath further! Each upgrade to the Weapon Station allows for making new and improved weapons that make each Goliath more deadly. Long Range and Melee weapons are available.