Metal Goliath

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Metal Goliaths are one of the Goliath types. They are a reliable steam-powered machine that offers a strong advantage in any battle.

  • Special action: Press [SPACE/B] to summon an energy shield that reflects projectiles back at enemies.
  • Nature: Rusts when exposed to water, decreasing speed. In storms, may attract lightning strikes.
  • Overdrive: Meter fills when attacking enemies in close combat. Hold the light attack to activate Overdrive.

Special abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Shield: The Goliath activates a security module, fully absorbing melee damage for the next 4 attacks. This ability unlocks at Level 14.
  • Knockout: The Goliath executes a jumping attack, causing damage to multiple enemies and boosting attack speed for a few seconds. This ability unlocks at Level 16.
  • Rocket Launcher: BOOM! The Goliath launches several missiles to the nearest target in the selected direction . This ability unlocks at Level 20.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Iron Goliath (Basic), Metal Power Goliath, Berserker type, Rubaka type (?), Tank type