Wood Goliath

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Wooden Goliaths are the lightest and fastest of the basic Goliath types and are made of environmentally friendly materials. They are vulnerable to extreme heat and fire damage but automatically regenerate health in the rain.

  • Special action: Press [SPACE/B] to quickly roll in the selected direction.
  • Nature: Quickly overheats at high temperatures and can catch fire, taking damage. Regenerates damage in water or high humidity.
  • Overdrive: Meter fills while running. Hold the light attack to activate Overdrive.

Special abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Catapult: Throw a huge boulder, causing damage to anything in the impact radius. This ability unlocks at Level 4.
  • Hurricane: The Goliath spins rapidly, causing damage to all enemies around him. The Goliath can move around while spinning using direction buttons. Damage varies based on equipped melee weapon. This ability unlocks at Level 6.
  • Force of Nature: The Goliath strikes the ground, summoning the forces of nature to entangle and stuns all enemies within range. This ability unlocks at Level 17.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Wood Goliath (Basic) - Coal type - Sniper type - Fortified type - Spiked type - Demoman type